Wedding Favors That Last a Lifetime

Published: 24th July 2009
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Wedding favors are a must have in any wedding. It is a symbol of appreciation and gratitude to your guests, thanking them for their participation in attending your wedding ceremony and reception. Almost all cultures in the world have their very own versions of wedding favors with each favor representing wealth, happiness, well wishes, new life, fertility and longevity for the newly weds.

Wedding favors are diverse and are usually done in the manner to complement the theme of the wedding and these favors have changed from the humble sugar cubes to sugared almonds, chocolates, candles and scented soaps. Increasingly, there are a new breed of modern favor trends such as CD's, pub glasses, silver picture frames of the wedded couple, etched wine glasses and even key chains. People from other parts of the world have their own wedding traditions and beliefs. This series of articles will introduce you to a good number of them. We've added wedding ideas in case you wish to incorporate wedding traditions and customs from other countries in your own wedding.

Instead of the usual themes that are normally used in weddings, why not get inspired by the countries of the world. If you or your husband is from different cultures or have a family linage from a different country, use it as inspiration for your wedding theme such as a German-inspired wedding theme. For wedding favors, layer colored salt crystals and colorful grains in a pub glass. German's are well known for their beer and salt is considered good harvest, luck and wealth. Using pub glasses is a great idea for a wedding favor as it not only holds other trinkets of the favor package, it can also be used to toast the wedding couple during their reception.

For a Greece inspired wedding favor idea, place sugar coated almonds in small bags, tied with ribbons following the wedding theme. Place these bags into pub glasses that are used for the wedding reception. In Greek weddings, the bride carries a lump of sugar and ivy with her on the wedding day. In Ghana, the bride wears a long skirt with a white blouse and a sash around her waist. She is then given a pot to symbolize her new role of wife. For a Ghanaian inspired wedding favor, you can include your wedding favors into small pots.

Another idea for wedding favors is to use etched pub glasses as favors. Etch the names of the wedding couple as well as the date of the marriage. You can even tie a ribbon at the stems of the glasses to give it a chic touch. Etching designs of your own can also be done. All you need to do is purchase the pub glasses that you want to use, take them to an etching artist and decide on the designs as well as message that you plan to etch. From intricate to simple designs, you can get the visuals you want on glass which will provide a lifetime of memories for the wedding couple as well as the guests.

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